Are You Ready to Learn the Secrets of the Occult?

Are You Ready to Learn the Secrets of the Occult?

The American University of the Occult Sciences welcomes you!

Dear Visitor,

You've reached out this website because of a compelling Universal Reason: You got the opportunity to be part of the most authoritative academic institution worldwide on the apprenticeship of the ancient Occult Sciences.

The Multiverse is always working to bring us back the people and the life we all deserve. So, there's a sparkle in your soul that may ignite the fire of The Absolute Knowledge, which brought you to this magical realm of Wisdom and eternal supernatural Power.

Please, feel free to contact us anytime to provide you the essential information you require to join our university and start a fruitful journey to the secrets of the High Gnostic-Alchemikal Magic of the Codex Arkanum® — the mystical and philosophical background of this illustrious scholastic institution.

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