Quaternity of the Mandala in the Occult Sciences

Quaternity of the Mandala in the Occult Sciences

Quaternity is one of the basic archetypes in Jungian psychological theory. It's similar to the circle, as the symbol of completeness and perfect being. Carl Gustav Jung believed that the spontaneous production of quaternary images (including mandalas) is an attempt by the psyche to prevent itself from disintegrating.

Understanding the concept will help to manage the Sorcery of Transference.

“The mysterious point of contact between the two systems appears to be the centre or a sort of pivot where psyche and matter meet.

“When an individual enters into relation with the forces of the pivot, he finds himself close to the source of ‘miracles’ which seemingly could not occur without a corresponding attitude on his part.

When eternity breaks through momentarily into our temporal system, the primal unity actively manifests itself and temporarily unites the double structures into one.

This is how the unus mundus becomes revealed in the phenomenon of synchronicity

By synchronicity I mean the occurrence of a meaningful coincidence in time, said Jung.
The psychic and physical aspects of a meaningful coincidence may be simultaneous, or they may be chronologically separate.

Synchronicity is a living experience that touches the heart just as much as the mind. It seems to us to be an illumination characterised by great clarity as well as something ineffable – a lightning flash... a ‘quantum leap’ in the psyche.

Coming under the wider conception of synchronicity as acausal orderedness:
• properties of natural numbers
• discontinuities of quantum physics
• measurement of radioactive decay
• ESP experiments

synchronicity as a special instance of acausal orderedness:
• synchronistic events (meaningful coincidences)

For Austrian biologist Paul Kammerer, synchronicity is "the umbilical cord that connects thought, feeling, science and art with the womb of the universe which gave birth to them."

The difference between common people and the witches is that for witches the dividing walls of the reality are transparent.

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