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Quaternity of the Mandala in the Occult Sciences

Quaternity is one of the basic archetypes in Jungian psychological theory. It's similar to the circle, as the symbol of completeness and perfect being. Carl Gustav Jung believed that the spontaneous production of quaternary images (including mandalas) is an attempt by the psyche to prevent itself from disintegrating. Understanding the concept will help to manage... Continue reading

Are You Ready to Learn the Secrets of the Occult?

You've reached out this website because of a compelling Universal Reason: You got the opportunity to be part of the most authoritative academic institution worldwide on the apprenticeship of the ancient Occult Sciences. The Multiverse is always working to bring us back the people and the life we all deserve. So, there's a sparkle in... Continue reading

An Angel In the Border

It was one of my first export sales. My company had no shipment department to send merchandise to our customers yet, so they usually paid a company to get purchased products at their own business’ doors. However, this time was different. I closed a deal to sell 200 boxes of shoes to a customer living... Continue reading

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